Mountain Lion - Cougar Hunting Video

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Some neat coverage of a mountain lion caught hissing on a rock ledge under the dogs!

Mountain Lion Climbing Up A Vertical Rock Slide!

Check out this hound biting this mountain lion on the top of it's head!

Amazing footage featuring a nice Tom batting and hissing at the dogs while hanging off of a great big cliff!


Watch as this mountain lion attempts to fall asleep on a
dry gound mountain lion hunt

Good Coverage of the Hounds at the Tree with a nice Tom!

Great footage of the hounds working hard to catch this mountain lion nicknamed "Jumper".


Mountain lion caught with the hounds shows off it's cobra pose!

A nice 142 lb Tom bayed up by the dogs in a bluff during a guided hunt with the
Hunters Pro Staff Team. 

I love this video if you listen to Wade and the hunter you will too.  We could of gotten a lot better coverage and a lot more footage but this guy is WOUND UP!!!  In the end he did end up with a nice 148 lb Tom!


Can you believe this all happened on this hunters first time out?  Second time to shoot a gun!  Hope he doesn't always think it's this easy . . . Love it!!!

Here it is the ranchers nightmare. 
Two lions in two days were caught off this 400-450 lb calf kill!

Watch this tricky mountain lion as it tries to camouflage itself into the rocks.




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