1.  Where do I fly into for my mountain lion hunt?

You can fly into either Tuscon or Phoenix whatever gives you the best price. Both airports are fairly the same distance from the lodge.

2.  Can you explain the differences on your 5-day mountain lion hunts? For example how would you know if it is an Arizona State Record Book trophy? or male/female (i assume the track?) or do you charge the extra upon harvest if it a record book mountain lion? Same goes for the other hunts? if its a male track and I only paid for the any legal lion than we don't go after it?

Yes, the size of the track lets me know if it is a record book Tom. If we run across a Trophy Tom at that point you can decide if you want to upgrade your mountain lion package and then we will go after it or if you decide not to we keep looking for another good track and run that one. If you have booked a $2500 any legal lion hunt and we see a below average Tom track yes we will run that track. Below average meaning 1 to 3 years old. If we see a Tom track that is older than 3 years old than you can decide if you want to upgrade to the Tom Hunt Package. It is totally up to you during your hunt if you want to upgrade or not. If I make a bad judgement on a track then you get the upgrade for free. For example, if I see a track and I think it's a 2 to 3 year Tom and we run it and catch it and it ends up being a 4 or 5 year Tom you are not going to be charged the difference.

3. What are your success rates??

My 5 day hunts for any legal mountain lion have a 85% success rate.  
My 5 day hunts for a Tom only are 75%.
My 3 day hunts have a 65% success rate.  These hunts are for any legal mountain lion.

4.  What's the best time of year to come??

The best time of the year to come depends on your preference since we hunt all year long. The best idea I can give you is to look on Tuscon's yearly weather report and pick what is comfortable to you.  The summers are extremely hot and can be very uncomfortable for a majority of people.

5.  How big is the average mountain lion??

The Tom's average weight is 135 lbs and length is 7 1/2 feet. The female's average weight is 70 lbs and length is 6 feet.

6.  What type of gun should I bring??  

As far as gun choices go you will be shooting anywhere from 10 feet to 10 yards so it is a very close range. Any centerfire pistol or rifle is a good pick.  I recommend the lightest shortest pistol or rifle you own.  A rifle can be provided if necessary.

7.  How long have you been guiding mountain lion hunts??

I have been guiding dry ground mountain lion hunts for since 1999.

8.  Do you book multiple hunters at the same time??

I do not book multiple hunting parties at the same time. You will be my only client during the time of your hunt.

9.  When should I plan on arriving??

Yes, it works best if you fly in the afternoon before your hunt and schedule to fly out the morning after your 5 days of hunting is over.  I scout the day before your mountain lion hunt so please plan on arriving after 7 pm so I can be at the lodge.

10.  What is a typical day of hunting with you like??

A typical day hunting starts early with breakfast and we are out the door. We use ATV's to run around and cut tracks. We average 80 to 160 miles per day. When we cut a fresh track we unload the dogs and at that point it's anybody's guess. We could catch the mountain lion in a couple hundred yards or it could be miles. When it gets dark we load up and come back to the lodge for dinner and a shower. If you want to hunt horseback that is available but we have a lot more success when we hunt ATV's because you can cover 3 times as much country.

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